Visual end-to-end IoT/IoE platform

Zenodys handles everything from connectivity to development and end-user experience. It’s easy to understand, integrate and maintain.

Build and run it anywhere

Zenodys comes in a form of Development platform and a Run-time environment, where workflows are executed: 

  • Development platform runs in cloud services (ZenoCloud, AWS, Azure…) or can be installed on your own Linux and Windows premises.
  • Run-time environment can be deployed to the Raspberries or other Windows and Linux based Industrial IoT gateways.

Zenodys is fully Docker supported and runs on the edge or as a centralized architecture. Scalability and security is a top priority in our minds.

Connect HW and SW with ZenoConnect

ZenoConnect acts as a visual middleware for IoT or legacy hardware and software. All without messing with complex protocols or libraries or a need for code devices. No need to setup any SDK, all you need is a browser. Simple and visual, near plug and play.

Internet of Things Visual Development
Develop with ZenoVisual

ZenoVisual is a visual development tool that runs in the browser and enables your own or 3rd party hardware, services, data, devices, APIs, protocols and applications to interact easily. They come in the form of elements and act on the same level. Simply drag and drop the elements and make inter-connections to make things play.

Internet of Things Real Time Dahsboards
Create end-user dashboard with ZenoExperience

Set up custom dashboards and screens for end users with one click. Enjoy visualizing real-time and/or history data on your mobile or desktop screens. Control the connected devices and services from your apps.

Run time environment

Workflows can be executed on Raspberries, Industrial IoT gateways and Windows and Linux systems. Workflows can be distributed and executed remotely.

Protocols supported

Currently the following protocols are supported:

  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • RS232
  • RF
  • I2C
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
  • HTTP
  • BLE
  • One Wire
  • En-Ocean
  • Z-WAwe

We are constantly adding support for new ones.


Get a glimpse into Zenodys. Use it, love it and enjoy it. We are always here to help.

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