With Zenodys to the Next Generation Demand Response Based Power Distribution in Way Shorter Time

Alliander Heinserber Facility

At the end of November 2015, Zenodys team participated in very exciting demand-response based project. Dutch utility Alliander entrusted us with enabling one of their office buildings with an ability to buy electricity in real-time from source offering the cheapest power. This was accomplished by using Alliander’s PowerMatcher and REX power management algorithms and our […]

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Zenodys on Raspberry PI and other Linux chips

These are very exciting days for us. A couple of things have happened. This morning our beloved Raspberry PI proclaimed their new product at $5 price. An amazing game changer in the Internet of Things world. Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 computer And last week the humble startup Zenodys ported their system to the Raspberries. […]

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