Do go gently into the IoT

The Zenodys platform enables us to customize solutions for your business swiftly, transparently and hassle free. Faster than anyone else.

Ideal for anything from simple prototypes to complex infrastructure set-ups in days.

At the moment our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Middleware to integrate and automate software and hardware procedures for enterprises
  • Demand response solution for utilities
  • Machine learning and automation solution for factories
  • Machines and engines control solution via mobiles
  • One to fit them many measurement tool for factories

Key benefits:

  • No need to buy new equipment: combine legacy and new sensors and devices
  • Predictable costs and measurable ROI
  • Easy hardware connectivity: no interoperability problems
  • Universal infrastructure connectivity: hardware, software, people, processes
  • Universal standardization approach: no standards decision hassle
  • Easy implementation and installation: lower deployment costs
  • Visual development and orchestration: lower maintenance costs, less need for high skilled staff
  • Go from capex to opex: fully SaaS/PaaS model
  • Easy third-party extensibility
  • No lock-ins

IoT solution fast and hassle free

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